Lee Mechanical Contractors desires that every employee returns home from work the same way that they left or better.  This goal is met when our employees set safety as their first job task each and every day.  No employee is ever asked to risk or expose themselves or a coworker for any reason or any task.

2mvlDMaTU_GORX4p-tt4bu0VV3tESsKRTLJsddX6k4k[1]We encourage employees to get involved in their safety and health through a variety of ways.  One way employees are encouraged to get involved is our employee Incentive Program.  Employees receive Incentive rewards for participating in safety related exercises and recommendations.  One other way that employees may get involved is our Voluntary Safety Committee.  The Safety Committee meets monthly and is comprised of field employees from different jobsite.  The Committee discusses the safety and health in their workplaces.  Many of the safety and health practices we have in place today are from our safety committee discussing ways to improve our already great safety and health programs.

Training is one of the most important keys to our success as a safety first company.  We are continually updating the training information and presentations to have the most current safety and health information..  With current and relevant information, our employees are given a solid foundation for safety and health knowledge and methods to apply their knowledge in their workplaces.

06-08-15-1687In addition to the training, employees are given safety tools and equipment that meets the needs for their job and gives them the best method of protection.  project managers, foreman, superintendents, and the safety department review projects scopes to any areas that may create a safety and /or health concern.  They work as a team to remove or minimize the hazards through engineering or personal protective equipment. We have two mottos that we teach all of our employees.  “See something, say something” and “Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds and look 20 feet around you”.