January 2016

Happy New Year! We hope everyone is off to a good start in 2016 and want to thank everyone for all the hard work on the jobs and improvements in safety in 2015. Let’s continue with this momentum and keep improving and working towards our ultimate goal of making sure everyone returns from work safely and in the same condition as when they showed up.

We want to take a bit of time to touch on a different subject we haven’t talked about in a while. One of the key reasons we are all here and that Lee Mechanical has been successful is because of relationships and how important they are for us to establish, preserve, and grow. The reason we have so many longtime customers and repeat business with customers is because of the trust and respect we have nurtured in these relationships with these customers.

The biggest reason for the success in the past and hopefully into the future has been because of you. The way each and every one of you are dependable and present when customers need you. The way you treat customers with respect and carry yourselves with dignity. The way you treat each other with respect and look out for the safety of everyone around you. The way you do everything you can to make customers happy. You are the real reason Lee Mechanical has any success.

You are also the person developing and growing relationships with customers and with each other. Sometimes each and every one of us need to just step back and ask how can we better develop our relationships with our customers and fellow colleagues. Are we really doing all we can to present our best self and take those steps forward?

As we continue on through 2016, we hope to continue to improve and work together to establish those new relationships with customers and colleagues. Most of all though, we hope to nurture and grow those relationships we already have and continue to be the best we can be.

Ernie, Nick and Corey