January 2015

The New Year is here! With the New Year comes many new resolutions and goals. These could include dropping a few pounds, improving our skillsets, or spending more time for our family and friends. Regardless of the specific resolution or goal, we want to support and encourage you in achieving and improving. One of the best feelings we can have is accomplishing our goals knowing we have improved as a person.

This year, we would like to make a resolution and set a goal together with you, but we need your help to achieve it and improve as a company. Safety at Lee Mechanical is our number 1 concern, priority and value. As such, it is appropriate for our resolution and goal to include the safety and the well-being of everyone in Lee Mechanical. Therefore, let us begin with this resolution: We, Lee Mechanical, resolve that we will do everything within our abilities and power to ensure that Lee Mechanical and all those whom work with and around us return safely home every day in the same condition as the beginning of the day.

We all strive to do this every day. We don’t want to come home to our family and friends hurt or injured. We also don’t want those we work with, around or know to go home to their families and friends hurt or injured. Can we do something more to ensure everyone is safe? Can we take a little more time to think through what we are doing and how it can not only affect us, but also those around us? Will filling out the paperwork meant to help prompt this type of thinking help us get back to our families safe tonight? These are just a couple of the questions that we all need to be asking to help keep this resolution.

We also need to set a goal together to hold us accountable to this resolution. What would you think is a realistic number of injuries we need to shoot for this year? Ten? Five? With 350 people working every day in hazardous conditions, does that seem reasonable? Not to us. Zero injuries is the goal we should not only shoot for, but also achieve together. It is not unrealistic and it is not unachievable. All accidents are preventable.

We don’t want any of our friends or our family (which is Lee Mechanical) injured. We need to all believe this and make sure we are thinking through what we are doing and what those around us are doing. We need to pay attention to those safety lessons and put them in practice. We need to look out for and help train that new person on the job to ensure he/she goes home safe. We need to stop work that we feel is unsafe and make sure we use the resources available to us to ensure we do the job right.

It is going to take us all to stay true to our resolution and achieve our goal, but we are able and capable of achieving and improving together. Let’s have a safe and happy New Year.

Ernie, Nick and Corey