December 2014

As we approach the holiday season and look back on the last few months at Lee Mechanical, we are grateful and amazed at the dedication and talent we have all over Lee Mechanical. Therefore, we would like to take the first part of this message to you to say Thank You.

Thank you to Don Cissell and the entire crew that worked on and completed the project at the Monsanto Plant in Mathews, MO. This was a tough project for a customer with strict standards, but the team was able to overcome all obstacles and have a very successful project.

Thank you to Chad Dugge and the crew that went out to Oregon. Despite a couple of initial setbacks, the crew were able to successfully complete on of Lee Mechanical’s farthest jobs ever performed.

Thank you to Tom Nicholson and Tom Watkins and the entire crew that worked on the BASF Prowl shutdown are continuing to work on the various, on-going projects. The dedication to safety, quality, and timeliness has not gone unnoticed and we appreciate the incredible job you are all doing there.

Thank you to everyone else out there in the field. Without the on-going hard work, attention to safety, dedication to quality, adherence to schedules and working within budgets that each and every one of you do on a day to day basis, Lee Mechanical would not be the company it is today.

And finally thank you to the office staff. We appreciate the support you have given everyone in the field despite the increased distances and workload. Without your increased effort, we would not be able to have successful projects and completely satisfied customers.

Sometimes at Lee Mechanical we can get caught up in the day to day activities and responsibilities and forget about thanking and recognizing the people around us. Not only the people working around us, but around our company, our customer’s company, our supplier’s company and our families at home that make it possible to do our day to day activities and make us successful. So we challenge you to thank and recognize those working with you and supporting you over the past few months and into this holiday season.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. We look forward to closing out this year strong and preparing for the year to come.

Ernie, Nick and Corey